Sunday, July 14, 2013

Worship and Experiencing

Since today was Sunday we went to church! Today we worshipped at Buen Pasteur with our friends we worked with on Friday, we learned with on Saturday at the Cathedral, and will join again tomorrow for more work and play.

We were given the opportunity to worship with our friends and the Bishop and his family even came and joined us for service! What a wonderful service of joy and singing. Nathanial Hanson and Ben Cowgill gave part of the homily today and Father Juan Carlos also preached. It was a gift to be one together as a community today with Buen Pasteur.

Lunch was had and then we were off to the Artisanal Market where we all found a little bit of Ecuador to bring home and share.

Today's theme for the day has been "giftedness"- what is the gift you experience today?

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