Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Final day at Buen Pastor

Today was our final work day at Buen Pastor. We arrived and immediately began our tasks, painting, making and pouring concrete, painting murals, preparing lunch, and catching up with the parish.
We stopped for lunch and the resumed work until 3:30pm when our closing Eucharist began. We ended our time with song and prayer and gathering one more time around the Lord's table. United as family we then sang and danced and ate one last supper together. With hearts full of love and breaking ever so slightly- we head into our final 24 hours in country. Keep us and our new brothers and sisters in your prayers.

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  1. So I was just going to say why are all the pictures with Cookie always with food - and then I saw the one of Abi, Cookie and Julie -really? speak, hear and see no evil???