Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Day in Ecuador

Today before we headed out to Buen Pastor we heard of three incredible programs.
Education = Hope is a wonderful program that allows donors to provide the means for children to go to school. A program that began 10 years ago with a single child now provides the provisions for hundreds of children to go to school here in Ecuador and also for some in Haiti and Uganda.

After our brief introduction to Education = Hope, we headed off to Casa Gabriel and heard about the ministry ther for boys who lived on the street and the infancy of Dalia, a similar ministry for girls. Phil and Desi told us their stories and then we had the opportunity to support Handmade for Hope's jewelry..also providing resources and job skills for the girls in the program Dalia.

THEN we went off to Buen Pastor to begin our day. Today we all headed out to separate work sites. 5 different groups painting and cleaning "the church in the community"- the families of Buen Pastor. What a gift. We can back and resumed work at Buen Pastor and now will eat our dinner and reflect on the day!

We are greatful for your support!

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